4 Reasons the Rational Investor's Financial Strategies Include Stocks

By Ron Ross | December 05, 2015

Clients often ask us for stock market investment guidance; after the events of 2008 - 2009, many wonder if investing in stocks is part of a strategic wealth managment plan.

We understand their trepidation, but also know that stocks have much to offer the rational investor. Here are a few reasons why our investment firm says "yes" to stocks.

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Your Wealth Strategies Shouldn't Include Chasing Investment Yield

By Bruce Smith | October 06, 2015

With short-term interest rates hovering near .25%, we often hear from investors who are considering seeking alternatives to savings, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, and other fixed income investments.

Though the tendency to jump ship and seek higher yielding investments is understandable, recent history reminds us of the inherent dangers of this approach.

Chasing high yielding, fixed income or equity investments will expose your portfolio to unnecessary risk: Continue

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The Rational Investor: Why Not To Focus on High Dividend-Paying Stock

By Bruce Smith | August 31, 2015

When bond yields get low enough, investors often ask us if they should consider dividend-paying stocks as a way of generating portfolio income.

Presumably, one benefit to this strategy is that it allows an investor to avoid selling off assets from their principal to generate short-term income. We caution investors, however, that before embarking on this strategy, it is important to understand several factors:

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The Rational Investor: How Does Gold Fit Into My Financial Plan?

By Jeremy Sorci | August 13, 2015

Over the last year, one of the most persistent questions we heard is “Should I buy gold?” Usually this is just the opening question which leads to more questions about acquiring physical gold, gold futures, gold ETF's and risks of buying gold.  Certainly, we can understand why so many wonder if gold is the place to be.

  • Radio and TV advertising promises tremendous benefits for people who own gold. It touts the security one can have by owning gold. It suggests phenomenal growth – that gold “may double or triple”

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The Rational Investor: Which Bonds Should I Invest In?

By Jeremy Sorci | July 26, 2015

It is commonly known in the investment world that bonds, more often than not, are a safer investment than stocks.

When shopping for bonds, it is imperative to keep two important concepts in mind:

  • Safer does not mean guaranteed.

  • Not all bonds are created equal. 

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