Portfolio Rebalancing: 8 Tips from Portfolio Managers

By Francoise Crandell | June 08, 2018

You know how important it is to rebalance your portfolio as a part of your financial planning process. Rebalancing on a regular basis — whether annually, quarterly, or after certain percentage changes in your portfolio — helps your investments remain truly diversified. 

But do you know how to effectively rebalance your portfolio so you retain the right asset class allocation for your comprehensive financial plan? These eight tips from portfolio managers will help you keep your portfolio balanced... and diversified.

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Selling In a Downturn Isn't a Wealth Management Solution

By Teresa Conley | June 02, 2018

You probably haven't forgotten the steep market drop in January, 2016, and the stock market correction in the summer of 2015 might not feel too far in the past. But the market crash in 2008 is likely starting to seem more like a distant memory, especially given the fact that many investors' portfolios have grown substantially since the market hit bottom in 2009. 

That's not to say that those market lows weren't unpleasant in the moment, but the lesson to be learned is this: Over time, investors who stay the course through a decline recover. In fact, from 2009 to 2016, the market has tripled, with the S&P 500 growing by 194 percent. But what about investors who didn't stay the course — who, in attempts to cut their losses, sold? 

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Wealth Strategies: Don't Try to Beat the Market

By Ginger Weber | May 15, 2018

Have you ever considered trying to beat the market? If so, you're not alone. A Google search for the phrase "beating the market" brings up 37.5 million results; a quick search for the same phrase on Amazon yields 493 matches in the "books" category alone. 

Given the prevalence that this financial planning strategy exhibits — not to mention the attention paid to stock picking and market timing in the financial media — it's not surprising

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Do I Really Need a Wealth Advisor?

By Francoise Crandell | May 09, 2018

"Do I really need to work with a wealth advisor?" It's a common question, and if you've ever asked yourself if working with wealth management consultants makes sense, you're not alone. After all, the services of an investment professional cost money. Would you be better off keeping those fees for yourself?

While — of course — the answer to this question varies by individual circumstances, we can tell you that working with a wealth advisor offers many advantages. Read on to discover how working with wealth management advisors can benefit you.

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Investment Management Firms Share 6 Investment Costs

By Jeremy Sorci | May 03, 2018

You already know that investment professionals don't work for free — nor should they have to. But investment costs and fees reduce your returns, and if you're not working with a fee only wealth advisor you could be paying more than you should. 

Do you understand all the expenses associated with your investments? Read on to discover what our family wealth advisors have to say about the six investment costs you should understand in order to reduce your expenses and maximize your returns.


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Aggressive Financial Advisors vs Passive Investors: Who Wins?

By Bruce Smith | April 15, 2018

Our clients often have questions about the success rates of "Aggressive" versus "Passive" investing. Some investors feel that those who use the services of a highly active investment firm tend to earn higher returns. Is this true?

We certainly understand these questions; after all, the debate between proponents of active and passive investment strategies has been ongoing for almost half a century. But decades of empirical evidence support our firm's conviction that aggressive, active-management strategies employed by many investment professionals don’t work for most investors. Here’s why. 

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Investment Guidance: What to Do When the Market Drops

By Ginger Weber | March 28, 2018

Market declines in China. Plummeting oil prices. Upheavals in European markets. Brexit.  When the financial news isn't exactly stellar, it's easy to witness the effects on the market... and it's easy to feel concerned, worried or even a bit panicked.

Before you react to stock market drops, stop for a minute and regroup. Instead of reacting quickly, consider these four things to do when the market takes a tumble.

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7 Wealth Planning Considerations Before You Invest

By Ginger Weber | March 16, 2018

Feeling stumped — or overwhelmed — by your investing options? You're not the only one. At Premier, our wealth advisors field questions about portfolio creation and management every day. 

The sheer amount of available financial choices can make it difficult to make investment decisions, even for experienced investors! Working with a trusted wealth advisor can help, as can educating yourself as to your options. Read on to discover

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Handling an Inheritance: Investment Management Solutions

By Teresa Conley | March 10, 2018

"I've been left an inheritance. What should I do now?" Our wealth advisors often field inheritance-related queries. We generally tell them to take some time and consider the wealth strategies that will maximize their good fortune.  

Before you start spending, it's essential to first revisit your comprehensive financial plan and consider how your windfall will best help you meet your financial goals. While it's fine to renovate the master

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Strategic Financial Planning for Women

By Ginger Weber | February 26, 2018

When it comes to strategic financial planning, there's no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all, wealth management solution. Every investor has their own unique needs and goals; that goes for women investors, too. 

Men and women often approach wealth management differently — and they should. From practical considerations to social and cultural expectations, women need to take certain financial realities into account in order to best meet their financial goals. Here are 3 financial planning areas that commonly affect women, and how to

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