How Often Should I Meet With My Financial Advisor?

By Bruce Smith | March 21, 2019

Ever wonder exactly how often you should be meeting with your financial advisor? If so, you're not alone; we're often asked if there's a standard time frame that investors should adhere to. 

Though we always recommend -- at minimum -- an annual performance review, a few other circumstances necessitate a sit down with your wealth advisor.

Estate Planning Strategies: Schedule a Meeting

Estate planning is an essential component

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Sharing the Financial Planning Process with Your Life Partner

By Ginger Weber | October 11, 2017

While noone likes to imagine a time when they can't manage their own finances, it's better to be prepared. If something were to happen to the spouse, partner or significant other that manages your family's finances, is the other party prepared to pay the bills and make the important financial decisions?

Though a significant majority (more than 92 percent) of American couples surveyed indicate that they share financial decision-making responsibilities, 2014 research indicates that, regardless of age group,


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Estate Planning Strategies: Strategy #1 - Stop Procrastinating

By Ginger Weber | June 01, 2017

If you're like most people, you want to ensure that your family members and loved ones are well-cared-for should an accident or illness take you away from them.  

You may also wish to decide now who will control your assets and who will make decisions regarding your healthcare should you become unable to make decisions yourself. All of these concerns can be addressed by estate planning strategies.

Although the foundation of any estate plan is typically a last will and testament, a comprehensive estate plan frequently

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4 Ways Your Wealth Advisor Can Help With Estate Planning Strategies

By Ginger Weber | December 22, 2016

We're often asked if estate planning strategies fall within the realm of the investment guidance services offered by wealth advisors. The answer is a resounding "yes!”

In fact, we like to tell our clients that good wealth advisors will not only help with estate planning, but they’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you’ve done it – and then help you to keep it updated going forward. 

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Three Essential Estate Planning Strategies

By Teresa Conley | June 30, 2016

We understand -- few people enjoy estate planning. While it may not be top on anyone's list of fun activities, setting out your estate planning strategies before the inevitable takes place can increase your peace of mind, and help your spouse and family through the difficult transition when the time comes. 

Think of estate planning just as you do retirement planning: Necessary, if not extremely enjoyable. These three essential estate planning strategies will help you -- as well as your spouse and family -- prepare.

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Will I Ever Need to Let Go of Financial Control?

By Teresa Conley | April 25, 2016

No one likes to imagine a day when they can no longer manage their own financial affairs. It's a difficult topic -- and one that's fraught with emotion -- but it's also a subject that should be discussed long before the fact.

As family wealth advisors, we often field questions about end-of-life issues, such as knowing the right time to turn over your financial accounts to someone you trust. Though it's not easy to discuss, planning well in advance will provide you -- and your loved ones -- with peace of mind. 

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Family Wealth Management: 6 Tasks When Your Spouse Dies

By Teresa Conley | March 10, 2016

Dealing with the death of a spouse or partner is a devastating and stressful experience. The number of tasks that demand attention during this difficult time can seem overwhelming, and clients in this unfortunate situation often come to our wealth advisors with questions about which financial actions they need to take first.

Fortunately, there are ways to ease this process. Certain items need to be addressed as soon as possible; here are 6 tasks that should be prioritized after a spouse or partner passes away. 

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Strategic Financial Planning for Peace of Mind: 5 Steps

By Jeremy Sorci | March 04, 2016

Our wealth advisors are often asked about strategic financial planning, wealth management strategies and investment planning. But all of these questions really boil down to one simple issue: How to achieve financial peace of mind.

Here at Premier, we like to define this desirable state as possessing confidence in your financial future; and while we understand that this concept means different things to different people, we believe that a few common factors can help all investors achieve financial peace of mind. Here are 5 steps to help you reach this worthy goal.

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